All Hail the Letter King! Whether it is a Throat Tattoo, and Forearm Tattoo or an Inner Arm Tattoo, Josh Cook at Truth and Triumph Tattoo in Dayton Ohio.  We have posted a great deal of Cook’s work on our blog and he never ceases to amaze with his clean, creative line work.  

Creating community and excitement through a healthy competitive contest has been an ongoing tradition in American culture since the days of old. Hidden toys in cereal boxes, Cracker Jacks, and winning high end impressive products through raffles, and mail in contests, television telethons, and radio hype building giveaways have always been and will always be an effective marketing tool to gain interest and loyalty to a particular brand or company. Being on it's A- game when it comes to the marketing end of their business, the Truth & Triumph company have never fallen anything short of continuing on our national tradition of doing what our forefathers of business have done in the past.

On top of delivering a world class product, look forward to seeing our guys working hard at attempting to win the hearts of their customers again and again. Truth & Triumph Tattoo has created a few contests of their own. Keep on the look out for the tricks these guys have up their sleeves, and the opportunity to be a first class winner of one of their high stakes events.

These events are not only about hype, and creating talk, but Truth & Triumph delivers in a big way in every event they sponsor! You wanna be a winner?